Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's been a while since the last blog...summer has happened and now it is fall time! The summer was a slow time for production because I didn't really have much inspiration to create new things. But perhaps it is this crisp, perfect fall weather (or the abundance of schoolwork...) that has triggered me to make more jewelry.

I have seen in magazines and in stores "bib" style necklaces and have decided to take that style on with my own unique, vintage, and refurbished style. These are a few of the end results:

Both of the necklaces have vintage baubles and odds-and-ends hand sewn to black velvet. They both have silk ribbon that has been hand sewn as the closure. The ribbon is versatile for different lengths, and looks pretty tied in a bow :)

So this new bib-style necklace is my current project. Be on the lookout for future jewelry news!


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